World Is Heating Up To Unprecedented Levels, UN Says

Scientists and climate advocates have been sounding the alarm for decades about the adverse effects of climate change on human well-being. A new report by the UN shows how our planet is heating up to unprecedented levels carrying catastrophic results for the future generations.

Enough Heating For Earth

The future targets set by the United Nations for 2100 have already been surpassed as the world has warmed to dangerous levels. Alex Ruane, A Climate scientist from NASA said that if pro-climate policies are adopted now, our world will still put global temperatures to 3.2 degrees of warming by 2100. People are less likely to adapt to climate induced disasters as disasters are likely to reach extreme levels.

Future Generations At Risk

The UN report sheds light on the disastrous consequences for the future generations because the average decadal warming is expected to accelerate up to three times more in the coming 5 decades. If leaders didn’t act reasonably, the human population could decrease by billions due to food shortages and natural disasters, the report said.

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