Scientists Register World’s Hottest Day Ever Recorded

As the planet has been warming more and more, scientific data revealed that last Monday, 3 June, was the hottest day ever recorded on earth.  The US National Centers for Environmental Prediction claimed to have recorded the hottest day as global average temperature skyrocketed to an all-time high mark of 17.01C.

World Records The Hottest Day

From Canada to China and Africa, heatwaves have made life miserable for millions in the last few weeks. A severe heatwave struck southern US and Mexico a week ago, killing at least 150 people on both sides of the border. Meanwhile, In May,  the Chinese city of Shanghai recorded its highest temperature in more than 100 years. Africa almost hit 50C recently, putting the war-torn and poverty-hit region more into crisis.

A Death Sentence For People

The soaring temperatures are an obvious danger for humanity as it inflicts severe damage to livelihoods, education and life quality.  London based climate scientist Friederike Otto said the recent surge in average global temperature is “a death sentence for people and ecosystems.”

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