Research Shows Moon Dust Can Reduce Global Warming

Global warming has increasingly become realized to be a global issue in the last few decades. Different mechanisms have been developed to counter the phenomenon. An interesting new study found that global warming can be reduced by firing moon dust into space. The moon dust could solve the problem of continuous temperature rise.

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How It Works

The logic is to distribute the moon dust in between Earth and the sun to block the rays reaching the earth’s surface. It’ll help in lowering down the earth’s temperature to a level best suited to survive on earth. Moon dust will be easier to launch because it has lower mass than that of earth. The study gave an example of Saturn rings that reflect the sun’s light due to which they are easily visible.

The Drawbacks Of Moon Dust

The idea to block the sun’s light with moon dust may seem interesting but it has few serious negatives. To block the sun’s light and have a significant impact, the dust will have to block only 1-2% of sunlight. Furthermore, the project will require ten billion kg of moon dust per year, which is 700 times the total mass launched by humans. 

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