Man With Brain Implant Explains How It Feels To Have One

The robotic future is not coming anymore, because it has already arrived. Once thought to be science-fiction is now possible as more and more people are surgically inserting brain implants to treat neurological disorders and disabilities. Ian Burkhart, having a brain implant since 2014, explains how it feels to have a brain implant.

Crocodile Isolated For 16 Years Gave Virgin Birth

An American crocodile isolated for 16 years gave a virgin birth. The study could provide an evolutionary insight into the reproductive capacities and features of extinct dinosaurs, the scientist said. The female crocodile has been placed in isolation at Parque Reptilandia in Costa Rica since 2022 when she was only 2 years old.

Scientists Say Blue Eyed Humans Have Common Ancestor

Blue eyes are rare as blue eyed humans constitute only 8% of earth’s population, which is fascinating and scary at the same time. A scientific study revealed another fun fact about blue eyed humans, which is that they all have a common ancestor.