Chinese Scientists Create Monkey From Embryo Stem Cells

A group of Chinese scientists created money out of the stem cells of a seven-day-old embryo.

Scientists extracted the stem cells and injected them into an embryo from the same species of chimeric monkey.

The female monkey delivered a fully formed male, becoming the world’s first live birth of a chimeric non-human primate.

Monkey Had Fluorescent Body Parts

Scientists noticed fluorescent patches in a baby cynomolgus macaque’s body, born from donated stem cells, including its eyes and fingertips.

Tests revealed these stem cells were in 26 tissue types, constituting 21% to 92% of each.

The Research

The researchers worked with cynomolgus monkeys, commonly used in medical studies.

They created nine stem cell lines from 7-day-old embryos, boosting their pluripotency for this groundbreaking experiment.

“This work could help us to generate more precise monkey models for studying neurological diseases, as well as for other biomedicine studies,” said the study’s senior author, Liu Zhen.

The research was published in the scientific cell

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