National Security

UK Security Services Say AI Can Increase Terrorism In Future

AI technology became the target of criticism once again as UK’s secret services are worried that the technology could increase terrorism if it was not tackled properly. Jonathan Hall KC said that AI could pose a threat to national security and new technologies must be developed so as to minimize the effect.

FBI Arrests Suspect That Leaked Top Secret Documents

The FBI issued a statement announcing the arrest of Jack Douglas Teixeira, aged 21, for his suspected role in the unauthorized disclosure of intelligence documents. The Pentagon and the Justice department initiated a criminal investigation into the leaks within days as they couldn’t believe how the secret documents were leaked.

Meta Warns To Remove Facebook News Content From US

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, has threatened to suspend news on the platform. It opposes the latest proposed legislation known as “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act” that would give media organizations more negotiating power when setting prices for Facebook-shared material.

Biden Says Elon Musk’s Foreign Ties Should Be Investigated

Joe Biden, while referring to Elon Musk’s radical changes to the social media platform, said that Musk’s foreign ties should be investigated thoroughly. He did not blame him directly for anything but only urged in the heat of the moment to scrutinize Elon Musk’s foreign ties with other countries.