FBI Arrests Suspect That Leaked Top Secret Documents

The FBI issued a statement announcing the arrest of Jack Douglas Teixeira, aged 21, for his suspected role in the unauthorized disclosure of intelligence documents. The Pentagon and the Justice department initiated a criminal investigation into the leaks within days as they couldn’t believe how the secret documents were leaked.

Suspect Is Member Of Air National Guard

The suspect is a member of Massachusetts Air National Guard, responsible for leaking documents considered “a serious security risk” by the Pentagon. The National Guard did not comment on the identity of the suspect but they acknowledged the participation of the Massachusetts Air National Guard in leaking the top-secret documents.

Serious Risk To National Security

The Pentagon initially said that breach was a “serious risk to national security” and a high profile investigation is underway. Experts are not expecting whether the security breach will pose any risk to the allies, but there are concerns that it might hurt the credibility of the US as China seriously threatens its hegemony.

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