Senators Introduced Bill To Ban TikTok In The US

Considering the Chinese app, a national security threat, a dozen of US senators have introduced a bill seeking to ban TikTok. The new legislation will give the commerce department the power to impose restrictions on apps and technologies that pose national security to the US.

France Set To Ban Adult Content For Minors

France is set to present a digital certification system this week that will require porn websites to effectively verify the age of their viewers. The objective is to block access to pornography for those who are under 18. Individuals seeking to access these sites will need to install a government-approved digital certification app on their mobile devices to demonstrate they are at least 18 years of age.

New Zealand Bans Smoking For Young People

A new law was recently passed by New Zealand to phase out tobacco use in the country on Tuesday, prohibiting young people from ever purchasing cigarettes. Health officials expect that smoking will vanish soon due to the recent legislation. By 2025, the government intends to make New Zealand a smoke-free country.

Meta Warns To Remove Facebook News Content From US

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, has threatened to suspend news on the platform. It opposes the latest proposed legislation known as “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act” that would give media organizations more negotiating power when setting prices for Facebook-shared material.