Two Indian Fighter Jets Collide In The Air

One pilot has died in a mid-air collision of two Indian Air Force fighter jets in central India during a routine training mission. The planes had taken off from Gwailor air base in Madhya Pradesh and an inquiry has been ordered to determine the cause of the crash.

Report Says Top 1% Own 40% of India’s Wealth

A new report by Oxfam revealed that India’s wealth is gradually concentrating more and more in the top 1% of the country’s population. Report mentions that India’s top 1% owns 40.5% of the country’s riches. The huge disparity in wealth distribution is due to the fact that wealth created in the last 10 years has gone in the hands of 1% of the entire population.

Chinese And Indian Troops Clash Along The Border

Indian and Chinese forces engaged in a physical scuffle near the Himalayan border between the countries, the first confirmed incident involving the two nuclear-armed Asian nations in almost two years. The clash between two neighbouring countries in the Tawang region of Arunachal Pradesh resulted in minor injuries on both sides.

India: Delhi Schools Closed As Air Pollution Threatens Health

The nightmare for the residents of the world’s most polluted capital has appeared once again. Delhi is home to 20 million residents at the moment. The entire population is literally inhaling hazardous air into their lungs. The authorities have also notified the primary schools to shut from Saturday.

Bridge Collapse Killed 132 People In India

In one of the deadliest incidents of the country in the past 10 years, 132 people lost their lives after a suspension bridge collapsed in India’s western state of Gujarat. Videos have been circulating on social media which shows people taking photos and celebrating diwali as it collapsed killing 132 people. 

Antibiotics-resistant Superbugs On Rise In India

A 2019 report mentioned that over 1.2 million people died worldwide due to bacteria resistant to drugs that are designed to kill them. India is currently facing the worst pandemic as more and more patients are admitted to the hospitals.

Everything You Need To Know About “The Tomato Flu”

A new virus called the Tomato Flu has infected 82 children between the ages of one and five since July 26th of this year in India. The virus first appeared in Kerala, a state in southern India, and has now spread to two other areas.

India’s Rocket Has A Problem On Debut Launch

On Saturday night, August 6, India’s brand-new rocket successfully launched for the first time, but due to a sensor problem, it was unable to place its satellite payloads into the desired orbit.