Indian Moon Rover Discovers Key Sulphur on South Pole

India’s space agency recently revealed that the space rover has discovered Sulphur on the southern pole of the moon. The rover Pragyan has also detected some other elements on the surface including aluminium, calcium, iron, chromium and titanium on the lunar surface.

Significance of Discovery

The discovery of Sulphur could pave the way towards the discovery of frozen ice beneath the surface of the moon. Scientists are suggesting that the recently discovered Sulphur could have been trapped inside ice molecules. There has also been speculation that the ice water could have released the Sulphur after being exposed to the moon radiation.

More Research To Be Done

The discovery of Sulphur is a milestone, but more research will solidify the significance for the future missions. The discoveries could revolutionize space missions as water is not just key to life but can also be used to generate rocket fuel.

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