India Expected To Change Its Official Name To Bharat

Amid all religious divisions and ethnic rivalry in India, the government is expected to change its official name to “Bharat”. As per the media reports, the Prime Minister of India, Narender Modi, is expected to move a resolution in the parliament to rename the country to Bharat on 18th of September.

Invitation To Delegates

PM Modi recently wrote a letter to the expected delegations of the G20 countries where he referred to India’s president as “the President of Bharat”.

India’s Letter To G20 Delegates

India is hosting a two-day summit in occupied Kashmir from 9-10 September, where the leaders of the world leading economies will arrive. The proponents of the new name have argued that the name ‘Bharat’ will instill a sense of national pride.

Why The Name ‘Bharat’?

As per the constitution of India, the country has two names and both names are interchangeably used in the country. The main objective of changing the name is to reclaim India’s Hindu past, as the ruling party BJP has clearly indicated on hundreds of occasions. India’s right-wing party, the BJP, is doing this at the cost of eliminating other ethnic groups in the regions.

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