Astronomers Discover Universe’s Brightest Object Eating A Sun A Day

Astronomers have discovered the brightest object in the universe that is 500 trillion times brighter than our sun.

Scientists said the quasar has a supermassive black hole in the center of it, which consumes matter equivalent to the complete sun in a day.

12 Billion Years To Reach Earth

According to the researchers, the light emitted by the celestial object traveled for more than 12 billion years in space to reach Earth.

The Australian National University scientists confirmed the findings, which have been published in Nature Astronomy.

The black hole at the center of the quasar is equal in size to about 17 billion suns of our solar system.

What is Quasar?

According to, a website focused on space exploration, astronomy, and skywatching, quasars are bright cores of massive and active galaxies in the distant universe.

“An active galaxy is one in which the central supermassive black hole is consuming large amounts of matter,” the website mentions.

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