Scientist Reveals The Hottest Place in The Universe

Scientists have an answer for almost everything and they one for the question of the ‘hottest place in the universe’ too. Scientists at the Black Hole Initiative from Harvard University said supermassive blackholes are the hottest places in the universe, especially those that eat gasses.

Hotter Than 10 trillion Degrees

What the scientist referred to as ‘the hottest place in the universe’ is the quasar 3C273, with mass ranging from millions to tens of billions of solar masses. The supermassive object that emits huge amounts of energy making it so bright that it can be viewed with radio telescopes only. The core temperature of quasar 3C273 is more than 10 trillion degrees, according to the Greenbank Observatory.

Some Scientists Disagree

While scientists agree that supermassive blackholes are hot, the hotness may vary depending upon how one defines it. Koushik Chatterjee at the Black Hole Initiative said abrupt events in the cosmos may also generate intense temperatures i.e. the collision of two neutron stars.

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