Scientists Nearing Discovery of Fifth Force of Nature

A team of international scientists claimed to have been on the brink of discovering a new force of nature. The announcement actually came a few years back when scientists at Fermilab said they were tracking a new phenomenon in physics. 

What is The Fifth Force?

Our nature is by design governed by four fundamental forces i.e.  Gravity, the electromagnetic force, the strong force and  the weak Nuclear force.As per the standard model of physics, everything in the universe can be explained by these fundamental forces , and everything outside the standard model, defies what the basic laws. In 2021, scientists from the U.S. The Department of Energy’s Fermi National Laboratory said they found evidence of the fifth force.

Muons subatomic Particles

The recent event revolves around the subatomic particles called Muons, the fifth force. The Muon has a mass of around 200 neutrons and lasts for just 2.2 millionths of a second, according to the scientists. The experiments are expected to run for two more years till 2025 to conclude. 

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