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Paul Cater is a Politics Journalist residing in Frisco, TX. He enjoys writing about the latest current events. During Elections, He primarily focuses on updating his audience via his Twitter.

Alabama Begins Removing Racist Language From Its Constitution

The state government of Alabama is drafting amendments to its 1901 State Constitution that would remove, among other things, discriminatory language. The changes would mark the end of the last remaining legal remnants of what are generally referred to as Jim Crow laws, which created a state-sponsored education system separated by race, and in which

Imran Khan Say The US Is Ungrateful To Pakistan

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan attempted to portray Pakistan as a victim of American ungratefulness and an international double standard. He began his comment by saying that during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the US and Pakistan trained mujahedeen, who were considered as heroes by

Professor Spits On Black Woman And Uses Racial Slur

According to court documents, a professor has been charged with a hate crime for spitting on a Black lady and screaming racist obscenities at her and her 7-year-old daughter outside a suburban Chicago grocery shop earlier this month. According to Cook County court records, Alberto Friedmann is accused with felony aggravated assault with a motor

US Economic Recovery Stumbles With Retail Market Downfall In July-August

US Economic recovery is getting stalled as many citizens are avoiding spending time at retail outlets due to shortage of products and delta variant spreading. According to an economists survey by The Wall Street Journal, U.S. retail sales were about to fell down again in August, for the consecutive second month. The report shows how

US Tries To Pull Out Left Americans And Afghan Partners Through Arab Allies

US Officials including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are about to visit allied points in middle-east to arrange possible measures to evacuate American citizens and Afghan partners out of the Taliban occupied Afghanistan as they were left there into the hand of their own destiny as a result of chaotic end of evacuation process by Biden administration.

S Korea developing missile as powerful as nuclear weapon

South Korea is in the final stages of developing a surface-to-surface ballistic missile as powerful as a tactical nuclear warhead, Yonhap news agency reported, as the country unveiled budget proposals aimed at bolstering its defences against North Korea. The new weapon can carry a warhead of up to three tonnes with a flight range of

US Launches Drone Strikes In Kabul, Targeting Suicide Bombers Of IS

On Sunday, America’s 20-year war with Afghanistan mellowed down to its final hours. The USA claims to have targeted all suspected suicide bombers near the Kabul Airport by launching drone strikes. USA’s drone strike is the reply to the Hamid Karzai International Airport attack last week, which killed around 13 US service members and approximately

North Carolina’s New Bill Embodies The Legal Marriage Age To Be 16

North Carolina Lawmakers’ new objective is to reduce and promote restrictions on child marriage, with a number of unanimous votes, the lawmakers are all set, however not fully set to outlaw it. They are legalizing the marriage age to 16 from 14. The legislation was passed by the Week last week and on Tuesday by

West US States Might Face Severe Drought In The Coming Years

More than 95% of the American West has a drought situation. The water advancement at the Hoover Dam has shrunk down and today carries the record of typical low levels. This situation is not just promoting drought but is additionally endangering the lives of 1.3 million people all across Arizona, Nevada, and California, jeopardizing the

EU Puts Pressure On US For Mandatory Vaccination For Travelers

Recently the Biden Administration was called on to reverse the ban on travelers from the bloc. They were urged by the European Union’s top officials to take action within weeks, matching their openings to the Americans. In June, the EU recommended that the members of the state should permit unimportant travel for all Americans, irrespective

Health Care Workers Demand To Mandate Covid-19 Vaccination

Multiple groups consisting of healthcare workers, including medical experts, doctors, and nurses are asking their employers to make COVID-19 vaccination among their employees’ mandatory, as the Delta Variant is rapidly surging hospitalizations in almost all parts of the country. On Monday, this group of people’s statements was, “Vaccination is the primary way to put the

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