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Paul Cater is a Politics Journalist residing in Frisco, TX. He enjoys writing about the latest current events. During Elections, He primarily focuses on updating his audience via his Twitter.
Mexican cartel boss 'El Marro' receives 60-year prison sentence

Mexican Cartel Boss ‘El Marro’ Receives 60-Year Prison Sentence

According to state prosecutors, the country’s top cartel boss, known as “El Marro,” was sentenced to 60 years in prison on Friday. In 2020, Jose Antonio Yepez was arrested back as one of Mexico’s most wanted criminals, Reuters reported. The leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel in Guanajuato, Reuters reported. Yapez and his

Man Shot In Downtown Sarasota Early In The New Year

Man Shot In Downtown Sarasota Early In The New Year

After revelers welcomed in the new year in downtown Sarasota, a man was shot and sustained life-threatening injuries. Nearly two hours before 2 a.m., police said, a shooting took place on Main Street in the 1400 block. As per a police statement, police believe there was no danger to the public because this was an

Turkey, Qatar To Discuss Kabul Airport Plans With Taliban

Turkey, Qatar To Discuss Kabul Airport Plans With Taliban

Turkey’s state-run news agency reported Thursday that a joint delegation of Qatari and Turkish companies has arrived in Afghanistan to discuss plans to run Kabul’s international airport jointly. According to Anadolu Agency, Turkish and Qatari representatives met at the Qatar International Convention Center this week to coordinate details and are scheduled to travel to Kabul

Emirati Mall, Supermarket Billionaire Majid Al Futtaim Dies

Emirati Mall, Supermarket Billionaire Majid Al Futtaim Dies

Majid Al Futtaim, the Emirati billionaire who rose from working as a bank clerk to creating an eponymous business empire with four major brands including Dubai Mall and indoor ski slope in just over two decades has died on Friday. He described him as the sheikhdom’s “most important merchant” in a tweet, which Al Futtaim’s

German Broadcaster Suspends Workers Amid Anti-Israel, Antisemitism Probe

On Friday, German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle has suspended four employees and one freelancer during an investigation into allegations that they expressed anti-Israel, antisemitic views. DW’s Arabic service is alleged to have made online comments this week decrying the Holocaust or perpetuating anti-Jewish stereotypes in some instances, according to the Munich daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The

Biden Called On FTC To Act On Fuel Price Gap

President Joe Biden called on FTC chair Lina Khan to investigate immediately if oil and gas companies are conducting any illegal conspiracies to keep high prices at the pumps to extract high profit amid wholesale oil prices dropped already. This is the latest action implemented by the white house to control inflation and price hike.

CA Parent Jailed For Six Months In College Admission Scandal

The California parent, Homayoun Zadeh, 60 was sentenced to six weeks’ imprisonment for unlawful activities to admit his daughter into a university. He agreed to pay $100, 000 to help the admission process to the University of Southern California in a sweeping admission scheme.   He was also observed pleading guilty in June for filing

Plastic Softening Harmful Chemical Found In Top Food Chain Products

A conjugated study conducted by university researchers showed the presence of harmful chemical phthalates, associated with many health problems in foods from high selling chains like McDonald’s, Chipotle, and many others. The study was conducted by researchers of George Washington University, the Southwest Research Institute of San Antonio, Texas, Boston University, and Harvard University and

Three Men Killed One, Injured 14 In A Bar Shootout In Minnesota

Three men were hospitalized under police arrest for killing a woman and injuring 14 other people as they were involved in an open shootout in a bar in St. Paul, Minnesota on early morning, Sunday. According to the police, Terry Lorenzo Brown Jr., 33, Devondre Trevon Phillips, 29, and Jeffrey Orlando Hoffman, 32 had been

President Tsai Says Taiwan Won’t Be Forced To Bow To China

President Tsai Ing-wen stated Sunday that Taiwan would not bow to coercion and that no one can compel it to embrace China’s route for self-government democracy. The island marked its National Day amid heightened tensions with Beijing. Tsai cautioned that Taiwan is facing the “most complex situation” in the last 72 years, since the conclusion

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