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Nikesh Chapagain is a Texan native who has spent over five years as a journalist and political analyst. He graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas and has since been published by the Texas Observer, the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Business Journal, and many other outlets. His first book is The People’s Candidate.
two Chinese athletes had embraced each other after a 100m hurdles race at the Asian Games

China Censors Image of Athletes Hugging Over Number

The Chinese government has censored the image of two athletes, hugging each other during the Asian games. The two Chinese female athletes named Lin Yuwei and Wu Yanni, unintentionally formed 64 when they hugged each other for celebration.

Suspect Opens Fire Near US Consulate in Saudi Arabia

A suspect was neutralized by Saudi security guards after he opened fire near the US consulate. The suspect, whose motives are still shrouded in mystery, stopped his car near the Us consulate in Jeddah and exchanged fire with the security guards, killing one security guard and injuring another.

Titanic Tourist Submarine Feared To Have Run Out Of Oxygen

While the search for the missing tourist submarine continues, officials are worried that the submarine may not have enough oxygen by now. The OceanGate Expeditions exploratory submarine called Titan went missing on June 18 and the rescue teams have not been able to locate its whereabouts after days of search.