Nikesh Chapagain

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Nikesh Chapagain is a Texan native who has spent over five years as a journalist and political analyst. He graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas and has since been published by the Texas Observer, the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Business Journal, and many other outlets. His first book is The People’s Candidate.

Simone Biles Finishes Winning Bronze, The Third Title For Her Country

American gymnast Simone Biles hit the Bronze, the third Olympic team title for her country in the Tokyo Olympics after she had pulled herself out of the team by breaking down with enormous pressure. The Americans were aware of the buzz and almost everyone had got into a panic mode. All of them attended their

Scholastic CEO’s Sudden Death Heightened Family Succession Drama

Longtime Scholastic Corp. head, Mr. Richard Robinson, had met with sudden death in June, during a walk-in Martha’s Vineyard. Surprisingly, he has left behind a succession plan that came as a shock to his family. His latest will reveals that he denied control of the $1.2 billion publisher to either of his two sons, or

Russian Hacks Top US Prosecutors

According to the Justice Department, over 30 senior US prosecutors’ email accounts were hijacked during a massive breach last year. The hack happened on a software SolarWinds and it affected its users. The US blames the hack was carried out by Russia. According to the department, at least one computer in the offices of 27

USA Continues Restrictions In Mexican Border For Illegal Immigrants

Joe Biden’s Administration will continue to block all migrant families who wish to seek humanitarian protections at the Southern Border. Individuals familiar with the matter took back their course when they became aware of the plan that their families would be excluded from the public health measure was announced. It is known as Title 42.

U.S. Life Expectancy Faces the Biggest Decline in 2020 After WWII

U.S. life expectancy fell by 1.5 years in 2020 due to hundreds and thousands of deaths caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, chronic diseases, drug overdoses, and homicides. A similar decline, last seen during World War II in 1943. Elizabeth Arias, a demographer at the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control) National Center for Health Statistics, and

The US Bank Regulators Acting Jointly In Community Reinvestment Act

On Tuesday, the top US bank regulators declared, they would work cooperatively to rationalize the rules governing how each bank would lend hundreds and billions of dollars annually among the lower-income communities.  The officials further added, “they would move to scrap a Trump-era overhaul of the rules that had divided regulators and industry officials”. At

Schools Require Students To Get Vaccinated Before Coming Back

Within a few weeks schools are about to reopen in some states. Teacher unions, schools, and school districts are hence pushing their students repeatedly to get vaccinated before they reopen fully in the fall to certify that they are injected against the spread of the deadly virus. As per data released on Thursday by the

Richard Branson Becomes The First Billionaire In Space

Richard Branson became the first billionaire and person to ride into space on a rocket that he helped build. Virgin Galactic’s supersonic space aircraft, carrying Branson and three other crew members, blasted into the skies above New Mexico early Sunday. Branson and Virgin Galactic staffers Beth Moses, Colin Bennett, and Sirisha Bandla, as well as

Data Shows Hospitals Over-charge To Uninsured Patients

Latest data analysis reveals that Hospitals are charging abnormally high amount to patients paying by cash without insurance even with higher amount than an insured patient in some cases. Last November, a patient named Raul Macias was rushed into the emergency of St. Luke’s Hospital in Aberdeen, S.D. The doctors there immediately discovered a life-threatening

China Bans Didi App To Ensure Personal Data Safety of Users

The Cyberspace Administration of China, the regulation authority of internet service in the country has ordered all the app store operators in the country to pull out Didi Golbal Inc.’s app from their stores from Sunday. After its debut in the US stock market in this week, the ride-hailing giant Didi received it as a