Lukas Tassanyi

Lukas is a political & economical Journalist.

Canadian Parliament Accidently Honors A Nazi Veteran

The Canadian parliament accidently honored a Nazi soldier who fought with the Nazi in the second world war. The Ukrainian soldier, Yaroslav Hunka, was celebrated as a “Ukrainian Hero” by Canada’s House of Commons. The House Speaker Anthony Rota apologized when he realized that Hunka served in 14th Waffen-SS Grenadier Division, accused of killing jews.

Record Decrease in Antarctica Sea Ice, Scientists Warn

Scientists have been warning about decreasing Antarctica ice for decades, but the recent report is alarming. The report published by the BBC revealed that the sea-ice surrounding Antarctica has never been this low in winters. The satellite images also revealed a saddening image of the region that was once resistant to global warming.

Schools Closed As Manhunt For Pennsylvania Killer Expands

Classes have been canceled in two school districts in Pennsylvania after a convicted killer chase entered 6th day. The Police have been searching for him for six days, but the search has not yet reached any outcome. The murderer Danelo Cavalcante escaped prison on 31st of August where he was jailed for killing his ex-girlfriend.

Oceans Are Heating up At An Alarming Rate, Experts Say

World’s oceans are heating up and the threat is real, according to climate experts. The global average ocean temperatures have increased to its highest point this week, reaching 20.96C and are expected to increase further, EU’s climate change service Copernicus reported.

Imploded Titanic Sub Brought To Surface For The First Time

The debris of the Titanic exploratory submarine was finally brought to the surface after days of search. The small submarine imploded inside the ocean due to massive pressure it had to counter, the experts said. The Titan submarine imploded roughly 12,000ft below the ocean surface and killed all those on board.

Andrew Tate & Associates Charged With Human trafficking, Rape

Social media influencer Andrew Tate and his associates which includes his brother has been charged with human trafficking, rape and organizational crime against women. Tate brothers along with two other female suspects are expected to face trial for emotionally manipulating seven women.