Joe Lawson

Joe Lawson is a science reporter who studied journalism at the University of Southern California with five years of experience in the news. He contributes to Fortune, The Washington Post, and The New Republic. Lawson has written for National Geographic, The Atlantic, Popular Science, and Wired.

Turkey Celebrates As Erdogan Secured 5th Term As President

Millions across Turkey went on streets as President Erdogan secured yet another term as the Turkish President. President Erdogan received 52.07% of the votes against his most challenging rival & opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu fell short by 5% receiving 47.93% of the total votes.

Shark Bites Two Men While Fishing In Southern Florida

In two separate incidents just a few days apart, two men were bitten by sharks while fishing in southern Florida. According to the County Sheriff’s Office, both the victims had their legs bitten by sharks and were immediately transferred to nearby health facilities. 

Satellites Discover 20,000 Mountains In Earth’s Oceans

Satellite data revealed around 20,000 new deep-sea mountains, doubling the number of mountains previously known to scientists. According to the satellite observations, the newly discovered sea mountains are between 700-2,500 meters long.

Scientists Are Using AI to Discover New Planets

Astronomers are now using AI to discover new planets outside our solar system. Scientists from University of Georgia have developed a new system understand and discover planets that lie outside our solar system. The machine learning technique can accurately catch exoplanets by studying gas formed around the newly created stars.

Spectators Witnessed A Mystery Spiral In Alaska

Skywatchers at Alaska witnesses a giant mystery spiral in the skies of Alaska. Early on Saturday morning, residents in Alaska who were watching for the aurora borealis were surprised by the sudden appearance of a large spiral shape in the sky. They promptly shared images on various social media platforms and discussed the possible reasons behind the appearance of the bluish-white spiral.

Scientists Are Engineering bacteria To Fight Cancer

Scientists are coming up with innovative techniques to use conventionally bad organisms to treat cancers. The aim is to engineer the genomes of bacteria in such a way to cure or treat cancers. If successful, the new way will have an enormous amount of resources in the form of bacteria on our skins, and the outcome is expected to eradicate cancer diseases.

FBI Raid Shuts Down Genesis Market Criminal Website

The FBI have arrested members of a website, famous for cybercrime activities. Law enforcement authorities successfully raided hideouts of suspects linked to a criminal website Genesis market. The cybercrime website was selling online identities of two million individuals, with prices starting as low as 56 pence.

French Minister’s Inappropriate Playboy Cover Sparks Outrage

The French government’s minister has come under severe criticism after her photo made it to the Playboy’s magazine cover. Marlene Schiappa is the minister for social economy in the current French government and is known for her aggressive stance on women rights and LGBT. 

Twitter Removed Blue Tick For The ‘New York Times’

Elon Musk had targeted the New York based newspaper by removing its blue tick after it refused to pay for it. The New York Times with 54 million strong following now looks like a random account without the blue tick. Since Musk took over twitter last year, the micro-blogging platform has been charging its users $8 a month for the blue tick to increase its revenues. 

Car Crash At Construction Zone Kills 6 Workers In Maryland

Six workers were killed when a car entered a construction area in Baltimore County, Maryland. According to Maryland police, the car entered into the temporarily built concrete construction walls and six workers working at the construction site were run over and killed.

Ex-Australian Soldier Charged With War Crime In Afghanistan

The former Australian SAS soldier has been charged with committing war crimes in Afghanistan. Oliver Schulz, the former SAS soldier has been charged with murder of a civilian in the southern province of Afghanistan, Uruzgan. Oliver is the first serviceman to be charged with murder under the Australian law and will face life sentence.

Israeli Protests Against Judicial Reforms Enter Its 11th Week

The Israeli protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reforms have entered its 11th week as the government shows no signs of compromise. The judicial reforms have forced tens of thousands of Israelis to march against the unjust judicial reforms put forward by Netanyahu’s government.