Joe Lawson

Joe Lawson is a science reporter who studied journalism at the University of Southern California with five years of experience in the news. He contributes to Fortune, The Washington Post, and The New Republic. Lawson has written for National Geographic, The Atlantic, Popular Science, and Wired.

UK To Ban TikTok On Government Devices Citing Security

In a series of TikTok bans across Europe, Canada, and the US, the UK is set to ban TikTok citing security concerns. The Chinese-owned app has come under scrutiny in 2023 in multiple countries that accuse the platform of leaking sensitive data to the Chinese government. British Minister Oliver Dowden said government devices will not be able to access the video-sharing platform. 

7-Eleven Billionaire Visionary Masatoshi Ito Dies At 98

The 7-Eleven billionaire Masatoshi Ito who transformed the stores throughout the world died at the age of 98. According to the statement from operator Seven & i Holdings, Mr. Masatoshi, who expanded a small family-owned store into one of Japan’s largest retailers and led 7-Eleven’s global expansion, passed away on Friday due to old age.

Two Americans Dead In Mexico Kidnapping

Four American citizens were kidnapped a week ago in the Northern Mexican border city. The US authorities have managed to rescue two with one woman injured in the gunfight. The four Americans were abducted by armed men a week ago, according to Mexican officials.

Japan Destroys H3 Space Rocket Mid-Air After Engine Failure

Japan’s H3 space rocket failed just shortly after the lift-off today. The brand-new rocket failed to ignite its second engine 5 minutes and 27 seconds after the lift-off. Rocket failure was a huge blow to Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency because it was the first medium-lift rocket designed in three decades.

Investation Revealed Twitter Is Not A Safe Place Anymore

An investigative report has revealed that Twitter has become increasingly dangerous for various reasons. Since Elon Musk took over the microblogging platform, child sexual exploitation and trolling have skyrocketed. The investigative report titled ‘Twitter can’t protect you from trolls any more’ was published by BBC.

Elon Musk Fires 200 More Twitter Employees

In yet another round of Twitter layoffs, Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk has fired additional 200 employees. This is not the first time layoffs, but rather a continuation of the series of layoffs Musk has been doing since he took over. Further layoffs have reduced Twitter’s workforce by 10% out of the 2000 prior workforce.

Andean Bear Escaped From Saint Louis Zoo

An Andean bear escaped from Saint Louis Zoo for the second time this month. An Andean Bear named Ben escaped to talk a walk outside and was then forced to return to his habitat later on. Ben escaped on 7 February after which the zoo officials implemented extra security measures which couldn’t stop the young bear from escaping either. 

US: 29 States Brace For Extreme Cold & Snow Storms

More than 65 million people across 29 states are expected to be impacted by severe snowstorms and heavy rains. The storm is expected to bring heavy snow, from the Pacific Northwest to the Northeast, with several states reporting 2 feet of snow today. 

Chinese Tech Billionaire Bao Fan Gone Missing

The famous Chinese billionaire Bao Fan has gone missing. His company, China Renaissance Holdings Limited, has not been able to contact its founder, according to the statement released by the company. Although no official investigative statement has surfaced, his arrest could be the continuity of the Chinese government’s crackdown on finance and tech figures.

Israel Exports Crude Oil For The Very First Time

For the very first time, the first Israeli shipment of crude oil has headed toward Europe. The shipment took off from an Israeli natural gas reservoir located on the Eastern side of the Mediterranean. The announcement was made by the Greek gas company Energean which mentioned that the cargo ship carrying hydrocarbon gas liquids was exported to the global markets.

France Set To Ban Adult Content For Minors

France is set to present a digital certification system this week that will require porn websites to effectively verify the age of their viewers. The objective is to block access to pornography for those who are under 18. Individuals seeking to access these sites will need to install a government-approved digital certification app on their mobile devices to demonstrate they are at least 18 years of age.

ChatGPT Helped Man Smuggle Cocaine Into Europe

The AI tool ChatGPT allegedly helped a man smuggle drugs into Europe. ChatGPT advised and gave tips and tricks on how to get involved in the drug industry. Man posed certain questions and after talking with the AI tool, he got what he wanted.