Huge Caldor Fire Forced Evacuations In South Lake Tahoe, California

Thousands of Lake Tahoe residents were asked to evacuate their homes as the Caldor Fire kept moving closer. The police officers of South Lake had gone door-to-door asking the residents to leave on Monday keeping in check the movement of the Caldor Fire. The officials reported that this is just the second time when the

The Jan 6 Select Committee Is Requesting For Documents From Federal Agencies

The US House select committee investigating the mob attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6 requested to all the Federal agencies to support with every probable document that they may have to produce. The Chairman of the Committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D., Miss.), released first round of requests of the committee to federal agencies,

Sex-toy Makers Joining In $1.2 Billion Deal To Meet Pandemic Demands

European-based sex-toy companies, the ones behind Fifty Shades of Grey vibrators, and multiple other brands dealing with sexual wellness have decided to merge in a deal where the total value stands approximately $1.2 Billion, irrespective of how the demand for Sex toys intensified due to the Pandemic. Germany’s WOW Tech Group is teaming up with

NY Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul Is All Set To Replace Governor Cumo

An increasing number of government officials and legislators, including President Joe Biden, had called on Andrew Cuomo, New York’s Governor to resign, based on State Attorney Generals’ numerous sexual harassment allegations against the Government. Individuals having knowledge about the matter commented that around last week, New York Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul was found to be

Justice Dept. Conducts Civil-rights investigation into Phoenix Police Dept.

On Thursday, the Justice Department declared a sweeping Civil-Rights investigation toward the Phoenix Police Department’s practice of force and their policies towards handling homeless residents. The officials discuss whether the officers are routinely violating the rights of the Arizona Capital’s homeless people. Attorney General Merrick Garland said, “the pattern and practice investigation will seek to

US Airforce Strikes Taliban Occupancy To Aid Afghan Military Forces

The US has stepped in to carry out airstrikes to support Southern Afghanistan, over the Taliban’s offensive threatening to Kandahar. Kandahar is the spiritual capital of the Taliban movement and happens to be the country’s second-largest city. After Joe Biden April comment, on US troops to be withdrawn by September, ending the 20-year foreign military

Mississippi Urges Supreme Court To Abolish Federal Abortion Rights

On Thursday, Mississippi interrogated the Supreme Court to terminate Federal abortion rights. The argument was based on the briefing of Roe v. Wade and parallel precedents allowing women to abort in some circumstances disregard the States 10th Amendment Powers to determine public policy within their borders. In May, the Supreme Court had agreed to hear

Delta Variant Pushing Up COVID-19 Cases In Unvaccinated Sectors in The US

As the infectious and highly contagious Delta Variant of COVID-19 virus continues to spread at a high rate with the pace of vaccination diminishing from the highs reached during April, hospitalizations and COViD-19 cases are growing steadily all across the US. Over the past week, the US has reported an average of 32, 287 new

Jarod Ramos Found Guilty For Killing 5 in MD Newsroom Shooting In 2018

The Jury Board found the gunman, Jarod Ramos who had killed 5 individuals at the Maryland Newspaper as criminally guilty rejecting the defense attorney’s futile arguments on mental illness of the accused. A jury consisting of four women and eight men found that gunman, Jarod Ramos was capable of understanding his actions and confirmed law

Higher Inflation to Continue Extensively till 2023 In Post Pandemic Growth

Unlike ever before, all US citizens should brace themselves to experience several years of higher inflation. Economists are excepting a robust post-pandemic economic improvement that might fuel rapid price increases for a while. According to a survey by economists, and compared to April, the forecast reveals how higher inflation is on the cards, and this