Joe Lawson

Joe Lawson is a science reporter who studied journalism at the University of Southern California with five years of experience in the news. He contributes to Fortune, The Washington Post, and The New Republic. Lawson has written for National Geographic, The Atlantic, Popular Science, and Wired.

WAI WAI Signs Ayushmann Khurrana As Brand Ambassador

CG Corp ( Chaudhary Group ), the parent company of “WAI WAI” instant noodles has recently announced it’s partnership with actor Ayushmann Khurrana as its new brand ambassador. With the theme and tagline “WAI WAI Wala Taste,”, which is loosely translated to “Savor the WAI WAI Flavor,”. This partnership seeks to honor the unique taste,

UK Pub Chain Giving Free Drinks For Women’s World Cup Final

A major pub chain in the UK is giving away free drinks to celebrate the world cup final. England’s Women team successfully qualified for the women’s world cup final after defeating Australia. The leading pub chain Greene King will give away free drinks to cherish the return of the trophy after 57 years.

Micheal Jackson Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Can Be Revived

US court has said that sexual abuse cases against Micheal Jackson can be revived. The court alleged that two men who were abused in their childhood by Jackson can pursue lawsuits against the companies owned by him. The two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, said they were abused by Jackson four decades ago.

Mid-Air Collision of Helicopters Kill 3 in California

Two firefighting helicopters collided mid-air during a firefighting operation in southern California. Authorities said the two helicopters collided with each other in Cabazon, Riverside County when they were called to extinguish fire in the air. One of the two helicopters crashed to the ground, killing all onboard.

Indian Chandrayaan-3 Space Mission Enters Moon’s Orbit

India’s Chandrayaan-3 Space Mission has finally entered the moon’s orbit, the Indian space agency said. The country’s space agency revealed that the rocket, carrying a lander named Vikram, has successfully entered the moon’s orbit.

Red Panda Twins Born in UK Bring Hope For Endangered Species

The birth of two twin red Panda babies have revived hopes for the endangered species. Born on June 25 at Whipsnade Zoo, UK, the pair has not been named by the wild conservation authorities. The population of Red Pandas has been on a downward trajectory for decades due to deforestation, hunting and illegal trade but the newly born twins have increased optimism.

2 US Navy Sailors Arrested For Sharing Secrets With China

Two US navy sailors from California were arrested for allegedly passing down sensitive information to China. The Justice Department announced on Thursday that the two Navy officers exchanged sensitive military information with the Chinese agents for money.

Report Says Biden Angrily Yells, Curses Staff in Private

According to a report by Axios, President Joe Biden has a reputation for expressing frustration and anger in private, often using strong language while addressing his staff. The report highlights instances where the president has been heard reprimanding his staff with statements like, ‘God dammit, how the f*#k don’t you know this? and Don’t f***king bullsh*t me.

Scientists Register World’s Hottest Day Ever Recorded

As the planet has been warming more and more, scientific data revealed that last Monday, 3 June, was the hottest day ever recorded on earth.  The US National Centers for Environmental Prediction claimed to have recorded the hottest day as global average temperature skyrocketed to an all-time high mark of 17.01C.

“Don’t Block My Way” Robot Waiter Gets Upset With Customer

A video of a robot waiter getting upset with a customer in a restaurant went viral on Instagram. The video shows a woman, probably a customer standing in the way for the robot waiter named “peanut”, as she stands there, Peanut tells her “Don’t block my way Please, I have to work otherwise I’ll be fired”.