Lumber Price Fall Causes Panic In Housing Industry

As go commodity prices, so go prices across the gamut of industries, for consumers and business. Traditionally, the price of goods like oil and lumber have given an early warning signal for rising inflation due to low interest rates and the creation of new money by central banks. Since the financial crisis in 2008, monetary

Trump Swings for 2022 Midterms in First Post-Election Rally

Donald Trump is not allowed to post on Facebook or Twitter, but he can still pack convention halls for his spirited rallies. In North Carolina Saturday, the former president took the stage to endorse Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) for the U.S. senate in 2022.  Vacating his seat and leaving it open for the midterm elections,

Is AMC going to the Moon?

Remember the time when you took your sidekick to see a movie at AMC? I don’t either, but that doesn’t mean that the movie theater business is over, actually far from over. We have heard the bears. ” Netflix, Amazon Prime, Dinsey… “, Yes, it’s true that digital movie launches have taken over but there

Despite being the most expensive, American healthcare is struggling

When it comes to this country’s healthcare, our priorities have always been more than a little skewed. Preventative maintenance is a term foreign to many Americans; worse still is the staggering epidemic of citizens who remain completely uninsured. In the middle of a world-altering pandemic, the fact that approximately 31 million Americans (per the Congressional

The Middle Class Is Dead

Maybe there was, long ago—in a time before the sort of person who gets their news online was born. But those days are over and with them, the concept of financial security driven by the simple, honest ethic of American work.  Few people can agree on what the “middle class” even is—CNBC estimates that 70%