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8 Missing Children Rescued & 18 Sex Offenders Arrested In New Orleans

US Marshals announced that eight missing, endangered children were recovered with the arrest of 18 sex offenders in Louisiana as a result of two months of investigation by multiple task forces. Two US Marshals’ task forces led operations named “Return of the School Year” and “NO Saints and Sinners 2021” conducted in the New Orleans area from Aug.

Planes, Firefighters Steering Alisal Wildfire In Southern California

A crew of around 1500 California firefighters got some relief to steer and stumble Alisal wildfire successfully with the help of aircraft dumping within a gap of high wind. They also have set back the fire from within half a mile distance from former President Ronald Reagan’s ranch near Los Padres National Forest area. California

Texas Killer Set To Life Prison Sparing Death Penalty For Mental Disability

David Conley, 54, escaped the death penalty and was set for life imprisonment for shooting down eight people including six children in 2015 in Texas. He killed his ex-girlfriend Valerie Jackson and her husband Dewayne Jackson, their five children, and his own 13-year-old son. According to authorities, Conley and Dewayne also abused all the children

NYC Sends Unvaccinated School Staff To Unpaid Leave

The New York City administration implemented the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for public school staff on and from Monday as a key test of employee vaccination mandate being rolled over the country. City Mayor Bill de Blasio warned the unvaccinated school employees to have to be placed on unpaid leave. The mayor also added that 95%

Child COVID Cases Boomed Across The States With Reopening Of Schools

The rapid spread of the Delta Variant made a massive switch in the entire educational system. Multiple educational institutions had to postpone their back-to-school plans. The pandemic situation demanded all students to engage in virtual learning and halting instruction altogether. As per Burbio, a Pelham, NY, data service almost 1000 schools all across 31 states

Hospitals Are Filled With Rising COVID Cases To Serve Other Emergencies

Patients seek urgent medical care are at a very endangering situation as hospitals are getting over booked with record increasing COVID-19 patients. Doctors & Hospital Executives observe excessive number of COVID patients’ admissions everyday which is creating a unwanted situation to preserve treatment facility for other patients, even in emergencies. The hospitals are even lagging

Biden Weighs Withdrawal Delay As Thousands Of Americans Are Still On Ground

The situation at the Kabul International Airport and its logistics are getting difficult with each passing day. Today, President Biden will announce an extended deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan and not on August 31 as was pre-decided, as they would not be able to evacuate thousands of people just within 8 days. The US officials

Biden Mandates New Vaccination Rules For Federal Employees

President Joe Biden declared all on-site contractors and federal employees should be properly vaccinated against the deadly virus, wear proper masks, and submit to regular testing. He has additionally entrusted local and state governments to pay an amount of $100 to each and every newly vaccinated American. Mr. President said, “With freedom comes responsibility, your

The First Look On Mars Interior By NASA’s InSight Lander Reveals Big Surprise

On Thursday, NASA-funded researchers have successfully mapped the interiors of Mars using the seismic data from Mars InSight Lander which helped reveal the planet with a molten core of surprising size and composition. This interior map of Mars exhibits how dramatically different it is from that of Earth. In fact, this was the first-ever interior

Alibaba Challenges Amazon On Fastest Global Shipping

Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba has challenged Amazon by pledging to provide the fastest deliveries from China to any part of the world within 72 hours. Alibaba has big global plans. One major goal is to deliver from China to any part of the planet within 72 hours. Ping Tu, Alibaba warehouse manager said, “We ship

SpaceX Plans to Launch First Orbital Starship Flight

Elon Musk’s space exploration company, SpaceX, intends to launch its first orbital Starship flight in July 2021. In case you haven’t heard, Starship is SpaceX’s fully reusable spacecraft. Starship was designed to be a fully reusable transportation system capable of transporting passengers and cargo. It’s able to carry 100 metric tonnes of cargo to Earth

New Google Meet: Zoom Has A Competition

Between May and June 2021, Google Meet, Google’s video chatting platform, received numerous updates and design changes. Checking meeting code expiration, new administrator settings for joining meetings, updates to the Hand Raise feature, presenting from other Google programs, new languages supported for captions, and the most significant change is in the user interface. The user