Ex-Officers Sentenced to 37 Years For Torturing Two Black Men

Two former Mississippi police officers have received a combined prison sentence of 37 years for torturing two black men in their home.

Hunter Elward and Jeffrey Middleton are the initial two officers to be sentenced out of a group of a total of six former police officers.

The victims, Michael Jenkins and Eddie Parker suffered beatings, stun gun shocks, and sexual assaults at the hands of these officers.

Four Officers Await Sentencing

Elward, responsible for shooting one victim in the mouth during a failed mock execution, received a 20-year sentence, while Middleton was sentenced to over 17 years.

The other four officers await sentencing later in the week. US Attorney General Merrick Garland condemned the crimes as “heinous” as he announced the sentence.

The officers, known as the “Goon Squad”, entered Jenkins and Parker’s home without a warrant, subjecting them to racial slurs and hours of abuse.

A tearful Elward apologized to Mr. Jenkins, his victim, and said he sees Mr. Jenkins every day and every night.

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