Users Revolt As US Presses TikTok Over Sale

US politicians are getting calls from TikTok users urging them to vote against a new bill that forces the company to sell.

The BBC report suggests that TikTok users are unhappy over a bill approved by Congress mandating the social media app over sale or face a lifetime ban in the United States.

TikTok Urges Users To Press Representatives

TikTok has confirmed to the BBC that they have sent notifications to its users in the US to urge them to press their representatives to vote against the bill.

The notification urged the users to “stop a TikTok shutdown” by pressing the respective representatives.

The Energy and Commerce Committee approved the bill unopposed 50-0 on Thursday.

US Politicians Receiving Calls

A congressional official told the BBC that he has received dozens of calls over the matter.

One other congressional official told the BBC that he received calls from children, pleading him to vote against the bill.

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