Elon Musk Indicates He Might Put X Behind A Paywall

Elon Musk has hinted at charging users to access the X, formerly twitter. X users may have to pay a certain amount to use the platform to remove bots from the system. Elon Musk and the Israeli Prime Minister held a detailed meeting where he hinted at possible subscriptions for using the basic version of X.

Not Sure If Musk Was Serious

The BBC reported that it is still not sure if the Tesla CEO hinted at a possible policy change for the future. Charging users for the basic version of X will decrease the disruption of bots, but on the other hand, could cost the platform thousands of users. The Platform currently charges $8 a month for the premium version which could decrease further, Elon Musk said.

Musk Told To Balance Moderation & Speech

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also told the X CEO that he knew balancing moderation and free speech was a challenge. Netanyahu urged Musk to counter antisemitism on the platform by balancing both, so as to make it compatible with the first amendment.

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