Is ChatGPT Making Politicians More Interested in AI Weapons?

AI technology may have a devastating impact on humanity and tech experts have been suggesting regulations for years.

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Anduril, Luckey said AI powered chatbots like ChatGPT are making politicians more interested in developing AI weapon systems.

Why Are Politicians Interested in AI?

Here is the question, why would the US congressmen and women be interested in deploying the AI technology to upgrade their military?.

Luckey, in his interview with the Breaking Defense, said the ChatGPT only revealed what an AI-powered autonomous weapon could do on the battlefield.

Losing wars abroad puts the performance of the elected politicians at stake, and to mitigate, they turn to AI.

Implications Of AI In The Military

As per the United Nations University report, the military use of AI will have devastating consequences for people around the world.

Using AI for the military has raised ethical concerns and regulating it isn’t the answer, it said. Meanwhile, proponents of an AI-powered military have been saying that the technology could decrease the collateral damage.

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