Boeing Ex-Test Pilot Charged For Fraud Technical Issues For 737MAX

Mark Forkner, the ex-chief technical pilot of Boeing is charged for fraud by misleading technical issues of Boeing 737 MAX being the test pilot of the model.  His clearance of the fatal system caused two crashes taking 346 lives. Boeing had to put off all their 737 MAXs from the service after that. Investigations revealed

Supreme Court To Rule 2013 Boston Bomber’s Penalty

U.S. Supreme Court justices clearly divided with their opinion and possibly going to reinstate convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s death sentence as he was involved in a 2013 serial bomb attack killing three innocent citizens and wounded more than 260 others. Tsarnaev is 28 now and was 19 at the time of the attack.

US Loosening Cross Border Restrictions With Canada & Mexico

The Department of Homeland Security said that the federal administration is going to reopen US land borders with Canada and Mexico for fully vaccinated individuals even for nonessential purposes in early November, amending the Trump era restriction act Title 19. Officials said that this is the extension of opening the Arial border from these countries,

Democrats To Trim $3.5 Tn Social Infrastructure & Climate Bills

Democrats are planning with two different policies to reduce the overall cost of proposed social policy and climate bills either cutting off a few proposed programs or their duration for long-run expenses.   They started rethinking and exchanging their views with the view of President Biden’s proposal on Friday to trim up the size of

Delta Surged Slow Economy & Poor Vaccination Creates Inequity In Asia-Pacific

The World Bank says most countries in East Asia are facing major setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic which will increase the difference of economy between this region and the Western World. Outbreaks of delta variant and slow vaccination in this region except China from the second quarter of the economic year have cut down growth

Biden Urges For Global Diplomatic Alliance in UN To Fight Covid & Climate Change

President Biden, in his first address to the UN General Assembly, urged for the importance of international cooperation needed to fight against COVID-19 pandemic and climate change issues globally.  He marked this to be the only way to solve these historical global problems the world is suffering through recently. Added with this importance, he presented

Going Back To College At The Age Of 61

Life’s journey is one of many pathways.  For me, the education road has always been one I have traveled.  At times learning has been formal such as getting a degree or at other times informal such as spending time listening to a TED talk.  There is no expiration date on learning.  Because we are all