Rare Blue Supermoon To Brighten The Sky This Week

Skygazers are told to set their clocks in the coming few days for a rare “super blue moon”. The super blue moon is expected to be seen on August 30th, offering an excellent opportunity for skywatchers once it takes off to the horizon.

Second Full Moon In August

The super moon expected in a few days will be the second super moon of this month. As per the scientific circles, this rare moon is called sturgeon moons because the events are taking place in the exact same months of two consecutive years.

Hope For Clear Skies

The upcoming super blue moon is a little different than the previous super moon that took place previously in the month. This rare moon will be 115  miles closer to the earth than the last seen super moon, according to Fred Espenak’s full supermoon table. If the sky was clear, people in the east will be able to see the super blue moon clearly.

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