Mysterious Creature With 20 Arms Found in Antarctic Ocean

Scientists have discovered mysterious species lurking deep inside the depths of the Antarctic Ocean. Scientists caught the new species with a body never seen before, when they spread their nets in the ocean. The 20-arms were connected to the central strawberry-like body, scientists said. 

Antarctic Feather Stars

Scientists have long been searching for such creatures that inhabit deep inside oceans. Multiple expeditions have been dispatched by researchers to search for the mysterious creature called Antarctic feather stars, also known as Promachocrinus. Scientists said these huge ‘unworldly creatures’ live 3,840 feet deep inside the ocean.

The Animal Changes Color

Apart from its unique physical characteristics, the Antarctic strawberry feather star also changes color. Scientists said the species can change their color from purplish to dark reddish. The researchers couldn’t mention the overall size of the animal, but said they were quite “large”.

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