Mid-Air Collision of Helicopters Kill 3 in California

Two firefighting helicopters collided mid-air during a firefighting operation in southern California. Authorities said the two helicopters collided with each other in Cabazon, Riverside County when they were called to extinguish fire in the air. One of the two helicopters crashed to the ground, killing all onboard.

One Helicopter Landed Safely

One of the two helicopters, a Sikorsky Skycrane, managed to land safely, according to the initial investigation. The National Transportation Safety Board immediately initiated an investigation to find out the causes of the crash that led to the tragic loss of three firefighting helicopter crew.3

Crashed Helicopter Caused Fire

The crashed helicopter caused an extra fire of around four-acre, but the fire was successfully extinguished. The one that crashed, a Bell helicopter, was an observatory chopper while the one that landed safely was being used for water. According to the officials, no one was hurt on the chopper that landed safely. 

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