Scientists Looking For Ways To Fry Potatoes In Space

Frying potatoes has been a practice for thousands of years on the planet earth where humans only had to worry about the ingredients. But as it turns out, it is not the case when it comes to frying something far away in outer space where gravity doesn’t work as it does on earth. The European Space Agency is doing research to fry potatoes in space and so far, the agency has been successful.

Frying Potatoes in Weightless Atmosphere

To examine the impact of weightlessness on cooking methods like frying, a unique carousel-like device was developed to ensure safety and functionality in zero gravity. The experiments took place during two ESA parabolic flights, which create short periods of weightlessness by flying in repeated arcs.

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The Experiment Was A Success

Within both the experiments, the scientists were able to track the temperature of oil, the potatoes and the movement of the bubbles. With the help of high resolution cameras, scientists noticed bubbles detaching from the potatoes which was a sign of success. Although it’ll require more studies to better understand whether the process will be possible in actual circumstances.

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