May 25, 2023

Microsoft Says Chinese Hackers Attacked US Infrastructure

Microsoft has accused the Chinese state-sponsored hackers of attacking critical infrastructure in the United States. A Chinese group of hackers had been spying on key infrastructure based in the US and other US territories in Guam which mostly has military bases.

Black Spot Four Times Size Of Earth Seen On Sun Surface

Astronomers have detected a huge black spot which they said could be seen with the naked eye. The spot was more than four times the size of our planet, the astronomers said. While the sunspot could be seen with a naked eye, the astronomers have urged the scientific community and the general public to use relevant glasses to protect their eyes.

Deadly Asian Hornets Are Back In UK, Experts Warn

A photo circulating on Facebook showed Asian hornets spotted in UK, causing fears among people as experts have warned that the deadly highly venomous insects are back in the UK. The Asian hornets first arrived in western Europe in 2004 when they invaded France, since then they have been reported a number of times by people.