Deadly Asian Hornets Are Back In UK, Experts Warn

A photo circulating on Facebook showed Asian hornets spotted in UK, causing fears among people as experts have warned that the deadly highly venomous insects are back in the UK. The Asian hornets first arrived in western Europe in 2004 when they invaded France, since then they have been reported a number of times by people.

Asian Hornets May Chase For A Mile

The Asian hornet are believed to be much more stubborn as compared to normal wasps as they are bigger, dark in color and produce seven times more venom than normal wasps. According to a pest expert, Stuart Halliday, Asian hornets chase their prey for over a mile, which means people can’t get away from them even if they run or dive into a pool. “You need to be able to hold your breath for half an hour.” Stuart said.

How To Protect From Them

Stuart, during his recent short interview with The Sun, shared a few useful tips on how to protect yourself if you are being chased by Asian hornets. He recommended wearing a thick suit as he had done in the past. Moreover, he said finding a safe environment is the key, like your home or even a car, but make sure the doors and windows are shut.

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