Black Spot Four Times Size Of Earth Seen On Sun Surface

Astronomers have detected a huge black spot which they said could be seen with the naked eye. The spot was more than four times the size of our planet, the astronomers said. While the sunspot could be seen with a naked eye, the astronomers have urged the scientific community and the general public to use relevant glasses to protect their eyes.

Spot Could Trigger Radio Blackouts

According to astronomers, sunspots are not an unusual activity but they could rarely be seen with the naked eye. Sunspots are regions on the surface of the sun which have high magnetic activity and send energy, light, and high-speed particles after huge explosions on the surface. The recent sunspot, known as AR3310, could trigger radio blackouts as powerful X-class flares reach our planet.

The sun is currently gearing up to peak activity in its 11-year cycle

Sunspots Are Increasing

Astronomers have said that sunspots are increasing and the phenomenon is natural. The Sun is reaching its peak activity as it does after every decade but this time, there’s a 20% chance of the sun’s flares causing blackouts around the globe.

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