May 24, 2023

Scientist Developed Tiny Real Life Robotic Insects

As the world advances further in technology, scientists are looking for ways to come up with tiny and more efficient discoveries that can compete with existing technologies. Now scientists have developed tiny almost real insect robots that can fly in all directions with six-degree-of-freedom flight controllers.

Paralyzed Man Was Able To Walk Again After Brain Implants

A Dutch man was able to walk once again due to electronic brain implants. Gert-Jan Oskam was paralyzed in a cycling accident 12 years ago, due to which he couldn’t move both of his legs, but thanks to the electronic implants, he is now able to do so. He said he could now stand, climb stairs and walk again just by thinking about it.

95-year-old Woman Tasered By Australian Police Dies

 A 95-year-old woman who was tasered by the Australian police has died. Clare Nowland was seriously injured when one of the New South Wales Police officers arrived at the care home, and one of them tasered her to the ground. The incident created an intense environment where the local population was outraged at the lack of empathy of the police officers involved in the incident.