Scientist Developed Tiny Real Life Robotic Insects

As the world advances further in technology, scientists are looking for ways to come up with tiny and more efficient discoveries that can compete with existing technologies. Now scientists have developed tiny almost real insect robots that can fly in all directions with six-degree-of-freedom flight controllers.

System is Highly Unstable

Dr. Néstor Pérez-Arancibia, a researcher at Washington State University, said that although much progress has been made, the system is still highly unstable.  Team of researchers led by Dr. Néstor initially made insect robots with two-winged robotic incense but its movement was really limited so they improvised to come up with a four-winged robot.

Future Applications

Scientists believe that the technology will have great output if they were able to create a system that is 100% controllable. The tiny robots could be used for multiple purposes including artificial pollination, biological research and search and rescue operations.

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