95-year-old Woman Tasered By Australian Police Dies

 A 95-year-old woman who was tasered by the Australian police has died. Clare Nowland was seriously injured when one of the New South Wales Police officers arrived at the care home, and one of them tasered her to the ground. The incident created an intense environment where the local population was outraged at the lack of empathy of the police officers involved in the incident. 

Police Officer Charged

The NSW police department immediately initiated an investigation into the incident and the police officer remained suspended during the investigation. The 33-year-old senior constable has been charged with assault and causing bodily harm after her death and is expected to appear in the court in July.

NSW Police Sent Condolences 

The NSW Police said in a statement that their thoughts and Condolences remained with the family of Clare Nowland. People were furious when the NSW police department refused to release the bodycam footage of Mrs Nowland being tasered to the ground to the public, but now the situation may force them to do so.

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