May 19, 2023

Australian Police Officer Tasered 95-Year-Old Woman

The police department has initiated an inquiry into a police officer who fired a Taser at a 95-year-old woman in New South Wales, Australia. The police officers were called off and an investigation was set into motion to inquire about what had really happened.

Apple Bans Employees From Using ChatGPT

Apple has banned its employees from using the AI chatbot ChatGPT fearing it might leak data. The company’s crackdown occurred as some leaked documents revealed that Apple is worried about the AI tools as they might leak important information.

Multiple Flying Sofas Spotted in Turkish Capital Amid Storms

During a powerful windstorm in Ankara, Turkey, videos circulating on social media showed multiple sofas being flown in the air from a tall building and launched into the sky. The footage by Onur Kalmaz revealed that the furniture flew from a 35-story apartment situated in the Cankaya district.