Multiple Flying Sofas Spotted in Turkish Capital Amid Storms

During a powerful windstorm in Ankara, Turkey, videos circulating on social media showed multiple sofas being flown in the air from a tall building and launched into the sky. The footage by Onur Kalmaz revealed that the furniture flew from a 35-story apartment situated in the Cankaya district.

Flying Sofas Went Viral

Amid strong storms in the Turkish capital, multiple sofas were seen flying in the air after some social media users uploaded videos. People online were shocked to see the strength of the storms but luckily nobody was hurt, Onur Kalmaz said. 

Winds Expected To Reach 78 kph

According to the data of the Turkish meteorology department, the winds are expected to get stronger and could reach the speed of 78 kilometers per hour. Mansur Yavaş, the Mayor of Ankara told the residents to remain vigilant and advised them to remain indoors, in a tweet.

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