May 18, 2023

Scientists Say Earth Safe From Large Asteroids For 1000 Years

After a thorough examination of asteroids that come close to earth, astronomers have concluded that the likelihood of Earth being impacted by large asteroids is highly unlikely within the next 1,000 years. Scientists didn’t rule out the probability of smaller asteroids hitting the earth, but a larger one is highly unlikely, they said.

1100 Years Old Hebrew Bible Sold For $38m At Auction

One of the most ancient surviving biblical manuscripts, a Hebrew Bible dating back 1,100 years, was recently sold for an impressive $38 million in New York. The buyer, Alfred Moses, a former ambassador and lawyer from the United States, acquired the manuscript on behalf of the ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv, Israel.

4 Children Found Alive In Forest 17 Days After Plane Crash

Three children and a baby were found alive after surviving a plane crash more than two weeks ago in the Colombian Amazon jungle. The Colombian military started an all-out operation to rescue the survivors if there were any and had confirmed that four children likely survived the crash that happened on 1st of May.