4 Children Found Alive In Forest 17 Days After Plane Crash

Three children and a baby were found alive after surviving a plane crash more than two weeks ago in the Colombian Amazon jungle. The Colombian military started an all-out operation to rescue the survivors if there were any and had confirmed that four children likely survived the crash that happened on 1st of May.

“Operation Hope”

In a giant military operation called “Operation Hope”, the military deployed 100 soldiers with sniffer dogs to look for the survivors deep in the Amazon rainforest. The military intensified its search effort after soldiers discovered a shelter built with sticks and branches.

Bodies Of Victims Found At Site

The Colombian military found the plane debris and the dead bodies of the co-pilot, Magdalena Mucutuy, a 33-year-old woman and mother of the four children. Although the soldiers were yet to make contact with the children, multiple reports arrived indicating that the children were found alive by a community that lives near the crash site.

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