Scientists Say Earth Safe From Large Asteroids For 1000 Years

After a thorough examination of asteroids that come close to earth, astronomers have concluded that the likelihood of Earth being impacted by large asteroids is highly unlikely within the next 1,000 years. Scientists didn’t rule out the probability of smaller asteroids hitting the earth, but a larger one is highly unlikely, they said.

Large Asteroid Pose No Threat

Asteroids with a radius exceeding 1 km are known for their capacity to not only devastate entire cities but also inflict severe ecological damage worldwide. Following a careful assessment of Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), the analysis suggested that none of NEOs measuring one kilometer or larger poses a substantial threat to us in the next 1,000 years.

Asteroid 7482, An Exception

Astronomers have singled out a specific near-Earth object (NEO) named Asteroid 7482 as particularly dangerous. Asteroid 7482 is expected to remain close to Earth for a considerable duration over the next thousand years. However, it is unlikely that it’ll collide with our planet, scientists said.

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