April 28, 2023

Scientists Are Using AI to Discover New Planets

Astronomers are now using AI to discover new planets outside our solar system. Scientists from University of Georgia have developed a new system understand and discover planets that lie outside our solar system. The machine learning technique can accurately catch exoplanets by studying gas formed around the newly created stars.

Russian Satellite Secretly Chasing US Military Satellite

A Russian satellite has been secretly chasing a US satellite for years now. The US deployed its military satellite USA-326 in August 2022, which has since then being targeted by the Russian spacecraft. The Russian spacecraft Kosmos-2558 has come closer to the US satellite and space observers think that Russian satellite is probably stalking.

This 1,700 Years Old Wine Bottle Is Still Okay To Drink

A wine bottle believed to be 1,700 Years Old is still probably safe to drink. The bottle which has survived centuries, is placed at historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer, Germany. Experts believe that taking a sip of it wouldn’t make anyone ill except its awful taste, which is difficult to bear.