Scientists Are Using AI to Discover New Planets

Astronomers are now using AI to discover new planets outside our solar system. Scientists from University of Georgia have developed a new system understand and discover planets that lie outside our solar system. The machine learning technique can accurately catch exoplanets by studying gas formed around the newly created stars.

Protoplanetary Disk

When a new star is born, it is covered by a thick disk of dust and gas, known as Protoplanetary Disk. By studying these creatures, scientists are able to study the presence of exoplanets in far away galaxies. protoplanetary disk usually takes millions of years to make and provide information of immense importance.

Role Of AI

Scientists take photos of galaxies and then run an AI machine to detect anything which they might have missed manually. AI, unlike human intelligence, can collect a large sum of information within no time and can pick up small hints which can save time and resources for scientists.

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