Russian Satellite Secretly Chasing US Military Satellite

A Russian satellite has been secretly chasing a US satellite for years now. The US deployed its military satellite USA-326 in August 2022, which has since then being targeted by the Russian spacecraft. The Russian spacecraft Kosmos-2558 has come closer to the US satellite and space observers think that Russian satellite is probably stalking.

Third Russian Inspector Satellite

Kosmos-2558 is the third Russian inspector satellite Russia has launched in the near past. The satellite is probably on hunter-killer missions in space and the sole function is to monitor the movement of US and western satellites, according to Pentagon officials. Although the real purpose of the Russian satellite is still unknown but according to Universe magazine the spacecraft is designed to inspect and track other satellites.

How Satellites Stalk Each Other?

While it has never been made clear how a satellite can stalk another satellite in earth’s orbit, but officials believe that stalking is probably linked to imagery. Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard astrophysicist, said that satellites are not meant to stalk each other but rather collect information about Earth. He further said that the Russian satellite snaps photo every time it passes the USA-326.

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