This 1,700 Years Old Wine Bottle Is Still Okay To Drink

A wine bottle believed to be 1,700 Years Old is still probably safe to drink. The bottle which has survived centuries, is placed at historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer, Germany. Experts believe that taking a sip of it wouldn’t make anyone ill except its awful taste, which is difficult to bear.

600,000 Days Old

The wine bottle was brewed at some point in the 4th century, estimated to date back to 325 CE, according to the historians at the German museum. By calculating the timeline, the bottle is around 600,000 days old, going back to when the region was the heartland of the Holy Roman Empire.

Bottle Is On Display For 100 Years

The bottle is on display at the Pfalz Historical Museum for more than 100 years now, still completely intact. According to experts, the bottle was discovered in 1867 when the tomb of Roman nobleman was excavated, in the German of Speyer.

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