April 23, 2023

Study Reveals Dirty Diapers Are Home To 10,000 New Viruses

A new study has shown that dirty diapers of babies are home to thousands of unknown viruses. Danish scientists identified unknown set of viruses that lives and have the potential to feed on bacteria instead of human cells. The study is the first of its kind, and previous research had rarely shed light on the issue in the past.

Twitter Blue Tick Restored For High Profile Accounts

Twitter has restored blue ticks for many users with over millions of followers. Twitter removed blue ticks from high profile accounts recently accusing the users of not paying the due subscription fees to twitter. The accounts whose blue ticks were removed included the BBC, New York Times and some other celebrities too.

NASA Drone Completes 50 Flights Around Mars

NASA’s helicopter drone has completed its 50th flight around Mars, the agency revealed. The agency recently revealed that their ingenuity helicopter made history by completing 50 flights over the Red Planet. NASA’s ingenuity drone officially completed the milestone after it was launched on April 4, 2021.