Twitter Blue Tick Restored For High Profile Accounts

Twitter has restored blue ticks for many users with over millions of followers. Twitter removed blue ticks from high profile accounts recently accusing the users of not paying the due subscription fees to twitter. The accounts whose blue ticks were removed included the BBC, New York Times and some other celebrities too.

Twitter Intending To Stop Fake Accounts

The payment method was set by twitter’s new owner which will make sure the platform filters out fake accounts. The platform was criticized for being the source of misinformation in recent months and setting a subscription fee was a method to counter it, twitter said then. There are still some accounts with millions of followers who do not have the blue tick even now including Ryan Reynolds who has 21 million followers.

Elon Musk Paid Himself

According to Mr. Musk personally paid for the subscription fees for Stephen King, William Shatner, and Lebron James, who had expressed criticism towards the new initiative. Elon Musk had previously said the company was losing $4m per day.

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