NASA Drone Completes 50 Flights Around Mars

NASA’s helicopter drone has completed its 50th flight around Mars, the agency revealed. The agency recently revealed that their ingenuity helicopter made history by completing 50 flights over the Red Planet. NASA’s ingenuity drone officially completed the milestone after it was launched on April 4, 2021.

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

The objective of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter was to conduct experimental flight tests and establish the feasibility of powered and controlled flight on the planet’s surface. This small, autonomous aircraft operates independently and was dispatched to know if it was feasible to conduct powered controlled missions on the planet.

Drone Show Signs Of Wear & Tear

Even though Ingenuity has shown impressive capabilities, it is showing signs of degradation due to the increasingly difficult terrain, and NASA’s experts have expected that it will not be able to sustain flight operations indefinitely as they try to replace the drone with objects that are more efficient.

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