April 22, 2023

CCTV Footage Shows Woman Being Kidnapped Off NYC Street

An unidentified man was seen kidnapping a young lady off the streets of New York City. The woman in her twenties was picked up by a man driving a Toyota minivan, footage released by the police showed. The suspect parked his car nearby and approached his victim, picking her up in his arms and headed north on Stillwell. 

Scientists Fight To Save Human History From Climate Threat

For decades, Scientists have been warning global leaders about the disastrous effects of climate change for humanity. Now in order to preserve ancient human history from destruction, scientists are preparing to preserve it from the changing climate. 

Japanese Ship Sunk By US In WW2 Discovered After 80 Years

Wreckage of the Japanese ship that sank during World War 2 has been discovered. The ship named SS Montevideo Maru was hit by torpedoes launched by the US submarine near the coast of Philippines on first of July, 1942. The US submarine was unaware of the fact the ship was carrying Australian prisoners of war.